With the increase in the global demand for safety equipments due to the covid19 pandemic, nitrile gloves are one of the essential products used as protection for all; medical care, industrial and daily use.

‘Protect Gloves’ was founded with our encouragement to fulfill the global shortage in supplies of nitrile gloves, together with our desire to raise awareness of the importance of protection.

As our founders have been successful in the manufacturing industry for many decades, we are confident in our manufacturing process. Our product know-how, our technological advancement, our quality control and our expertise in production management are reflected in our ability to produce the highest quality products.

We believe that hygiene and protection is the key to minimize the spread of the pandemic thus will play an important role in decreasing the worldwide number of infected cases. We hope ‘Protect Gloves’ could become your protection – an essential part of making a better wellbeing for all.


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